Burst out of your usual routine and explore delicious new worlds. You and your lover will plan your rocket ride together by designing your own personal love making sessions. Using this guided missile you will layout your mood setters, foreplay designs and positions in advance. Then blast off to a heavenly galaxy created by the two of you.

Design and Build Love Making Sessions

  • Over 100 kissing, foreplay and spicy positions to design and build your love making sessions with
  • A clock to set a time on all of your positions, multiple alarm tones to choose from
  • Ability to add your own notes
  • Option of manual selection or shuffle for unpredictable excitement
  • Mood setters to start the fireworks!
  • Sensual illustrations and easy to follow text

Relationship Features

  • Use our Love Coupons to gift special favors to your partner
  • Relationship enhancement feature for romantic & exciting tips


  • Create a folder of your favorite positions
  • Email a Position or Love Coupon to your friend or spouse
  • Password protection & security question
  • Discreet icon that leaves out the game title and reads “1K0” instead
  • Support for Retina Display