Customer comments from the iTunes Store.


"Although I haven't maximized it's potential yet this app's been highly effective in getting us warmed up throughout" the day.  We send each other suggestions and can't wait to get home"
by Sam Watkins


Fun fun fun

"This is so much fun! A little pricey but worth it!"
by Kimnmat


Loads of Fun

"Designing the session built up a lot of excitement between us. We had very passionate sex as a result. I highly recommend this app!"
by Sweetpeach105


Romantic Weekend Getaway

"Went to NYC for the weekend. Sat in an outdoor cafe together and designed the sex acts we were going to do to each other. Went back to the hotel and had mad crazy sex.  Hot hot hot!"
by Gagaoohlala789



"Everything you are hoping for!"
by ShrpFn84


A LOT of Fun

"Lots to choose from. Tastefully done. Sex was gooood!!!"
by Killcote2345


Real Nice App

"Had good sex using this app. I like the privacy features. U can't tell it's a sex app on my phone. I also use the timer during my workout to change exercises. Lol!!! Worth the $$$$."
by Tla4860



"Makes sex in the bedroom better!!!"
by Keith K Smith


Amazing App and a lifesaver

"Literally saved my marriage, enough said! Thanks 1000 Orgasms!!
by GregCraig


Tasteful and Effective

"Classy approach. Customizable."
by Touchfanatic001